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  1. Patch Notes 42


    Just one line in the patch notes.

    1. Upgrade to the Prop Control System

    There now also a Derma menu system to make it easy to add and remove items from Prop Control

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  2. GM_PostNuke_Night_Beta_4


    Took a bit longer than expected to get around to this, but here is the night version of beta_4. Same patch notes as the day. Can be either downloaded via the server or from the Downloads page here.

    I have also fixed some errors that I had on the downloads page, so files should now download with the correct extention.

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  3. GMod update 96


    All servers have now been updated to 96. I have also done the mad cow weapon fix on the Dev server.

    Path Notes:

    1. Fixed viewmodel animations lagging
    2. Fixed weapons sometimes ejecting more than one shell at a time
    3. Fixed cloudscript sometimes spawning the wrong entity type
    4. Fixed Lua errors caused by bad Voice entity
    5. Fixed physics crash due to dubious Lua coding
    6. Restored click delay on physgun
    7. Increased max Lua Particle Emitter limit
    8. Added toybox_entity command to spawn cloudscripts offline (take filename as argument)
    9. Added SWEP:DoImpactEffect( tr, type )
    10. Added Particle:GetColor()
    11. Fixed draw.RoundedBoxEx
    12. [TTT] Added bonus credit for players who are the only traitor in a round
    13. [TTT] Changed smoke grenade graphical effects to give better performance
    14. [TTT] Changed detective hats to be disabled by default for now
    15. [TTT] Changed tutorial to be more robust, and removed full help text (see TTT site instead)
    16. [TTT] Fixed player in spectate-only mode appearing as MIA in a certain case
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  4. Map Update GM_PostNuke_Beta_4


    Ok, new version of my map is now beeing uploaded to the PostNukeRP Server. Several changes/fixes with this one. The map can be either downloaded via server or from the Downloads page.

    1. Fixed a displacement gap
    2. Added another set of ruins down the track from the Train Station
    3. Added more trees and shrubs
    4. Added Ivey to a few places
    5. Doors are now protected (via map) from phys guns and tools
    6. NPCs are now unable to enter the river or lake
    7. NPC’s can now only get into Shanty Town via the walkway (cant jump in any more)
    8. NPC’s can no longer enter the spawn room
    9. Garage door now workd better with its switches
    10. Added the extra lights that were in the night version
    11. Added some affects to a few lights
    12. New easter egg

    The night version will be out shortly, basically the same notes but dark like the previous night version.

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  5. Goodbye old server, hello new Gmod Patch, and community news???


    Few items today. The old PostNukeRP server though our old hosting service was slated to be cancelled on the 22nd. Instead of patching it with the newest version of GMod, I will be bringing it down as of this post. The new service is working great and the expanded slots have come in handy.

    Apart from GMod Patch 95 beeing released, it seems will no longer be the center for community news. From what Garry posted
    I know a lot of people will miss the community news, but I really feel like I shouldn’t be in control of the community. The community should be feeding itself. So I want to try to get the old news team to set up their own community site….
    Will post the new link as soon as I find out anything.

    Any rate, here are the GMod 95 Patch Notes:

    1. Added cloudscript weapons (in singleplayer)
    2. Added new Fretta gamemode Ascension
    3. Updated Trouble In Terrorist Town
    4. Updated Dogfight Arcade
    5. Can now comment on cloudscripts from the spawnmenu
    6. Fixed achievements showing wrong in main menu
    7. Fixed medic healing crash
    8. Fixed threaded bone crash
    9. Fixed rare env_shake crash
    10. [TTT] Fixed clientside NPC ragdolls not getting cleaned up when new round starts
    11. [TTT] Fixed weapon switcher showing empty when open during round restart or connection issues
    12. [TTT] Fixed occasional wrong voice indicator colours for fellow traitors
    13. [TTT] Added ttt_traitor_button: button entity only traitors can see and use, via their HUD
    14. [TTT] Added ttt_damageowner: lets mapper attribute damage dealt by any entity to a player
    15. [TTT] Added settings for fast weapon switch and for disabling weapon switcher auto-closing
    16. [TTT] Added charge-up alternate fire to Newton Launcher and made it quieter
    17. [TTT] Added silly hat for detectives on certain player models
    18. [TTT] Changed weapon switcher and pickup colour scheme to match role colours
    19. [TTT] Changed headshot multiplier to be lower for MAC10 and HUGE, higher for UMP
    20. [TTT] Changed UMP disorientation effect on the target to be stronger
    21. [TTT] Changed DNA Scanner to continue charging and auto-scanning while holstered
    22. [TTT] Changed C4 disarm time penalty for a wrong code to increase with the fuse time
    23. [TTT] Changed first round after map change to have a longer preparation time (ttt_firstpreptime) so more players can spawn
    24. [TTT] Changed Last Words to include very recent quickchat messages
    25. [TTT] Changed file organization: materials etc moved to gamemode content dir
    26. [DFA] Fixed a nasty bug in the camera code that caused erratic movements when turning sharply.
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  6. Patch Notes 41


    Mainly bug fixes and the addition of a new system to help with people leaving thier tools out.

    1. Grubs now add to the world cache when breed.
    2. Grubs are now removed from world cache when they die
    3. Grubs now spawn 1 chem per 60sec
    4. Fixed bug with Smelter
    5. All tools owned by player auto return to inventory when they leave.
    6. Fixed several server side error messages
    7. Fixed bug with Miner (Not Starting)
    8. Fixed Bug with Radar
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  7. GMod Update 94


    All servers have been updated.

    1. Fixed server freezing
    2. Fixed Cloudscript failing in non english
    3. [TTT] Changed ragdoll (corpse) carrying to be easier
    4. [TTT] Changed fall damage to be lower if you land on another player, and made it damage them as well
    5. [TTT] Changed mute team key for spectators to F2 (was Alt)
    6. [TTT] Added version number to game description in server browser, with an asterisk if custom weapons are present
    7. [TTT] Added quick switch to slot 7 and back under the Noclip key, or with “ttt_equipswitch”
    8. [TTT] Added “ttt_quickslot (number)” command for switching to a slot without the menu
    9. [TTT] Fixed corpse data networking to be more reliable
    10. [TTT] Fixed Silenced Pistol not letting you take pistol ammo
    11. [TTT] Fixed replaced player spawn ents not taking effect until the second round
    12. [TTT] Fixed error in weapon spawning fallback for weaponless maps
    13. [TTT] Fixed issue where carried objects would jitter
    14. [TTT] Fixed Traitor crosshairs not being red
    15. [TTT] Fixed DNA Scanner and Binoculars world model being visible when held
    16. [TTT] Fixed error spam when a voice indicator was created for a nonexistent player
    17. [TTT] Fixed damage by thrown props not getting attributed to the throwing player

    TTT = Trouble in Terrorist Town.

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  8. GMod Update 93


    All servers have now been updated to this.

    1. Fixed rare crash when downloading cloudscript entities
    2. Fixed cloudscript entities not working after map restart
    3. Prevented common SuperDOF crash
    4. Fixed ammo count displaying wrong if too high
    5. Fixed DColorCircle spamming the console
    6. Updated Trouble In Terrorist Town
    7. Updated Dog Fight Arcade
    8. Removed “changed name” message
    9. Added render.Spin()
    10. Added DComboBox:GetSelectedValues()
    11. Fixed Player:IsBot() clientside
    12. Shared Player.SetWalkSpeed( f )
    13. Shared Player.GetWalkSpeed()
    14. Shared Player.SetRunSpeed( f )
    15. Shared Player.GetRunSpeed()
    16. Shared Player.SetCrouchedWalkSpeed( f)
    17. Shared Player.GetCrouchedWalkSpeed()
    18. Shared Player.SetDuckSpeed( f )
    19. Shared Player.GetDuckSpeed()
    20. Shared Player.SetUnDuckSpeed( f )
    21. Shared Player.GetUnDuckSpeed()
    22. Shared Player:SetNoCollideWithTeammates( b )
    23. Shared Player:GetNoCollideWithTeammates()
    24. Shared Player:SetAvoidPlayers( b )
    25. Shared Player:GetAvoidPlayers()
    26. Shared Player:SetAllowFullRotation( b )
    27. Shared Player:GetAllowFullRotation()
    28. Shared Entity:SetGravity()
    29. Shared ents.FindByModel()
    30. Added Entity:GetGravity()
    31. Added Entity:GetFriction()
    32. Added Entity:GetElasticity()
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