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Ok, new version of my map is now beeing uploaded to the PostNukeRP Server. Several changes/fixes with this one. The map can be either downloaded via server or from the Downloads page.

  1. Fixed a displacement gap
  2. Added another set of ruins down the track from the Train Station
  3. Added more trees and shrubs
  4. Added Ivey to a few places
  5. Doors are now protected (via map) from phys guns and tools
  6. NPCs are now unable to enter the river or lake
  7. NPC’s can now only get into Shanty Town via the walkway (cant jump in any more)
  8. NPC’s can no longer enter the spawn room
  9. Garage door now workd better with its switches
  10. Added the extra lights that were in the night version
  11. Added some affects to a few lights
  12. New easter egg

The night version will be out shortly, basically the same notes but dark like the previous night version.

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