All donations are appreciated and will help toward the running of any servers related to the projects of the Radioactive Cricket Development Team.

Few Notes and Rules on Donations:

  1. Donating will NOT get you a position on the Dev staff.
  2. Donating will NOT get you admin or respected/member on any of our hosted servers.
  3. Donating will NOT exclude you from any rules for the gameservers, you can still get banned for breaking rules.
  4. Donating will NOT get you unbanned from any of our servers if you did get banned.
  5. Names of people who donate will not be posted by the Radioactive Cricket Dev Team.
  6. Donations are final, there are no refunds.

We will never Use your information, or sell it in any way. As the same you will not use any information gathered here today against us. Also. All donations are none refundable! Please recheck your donations. There is a minimum payment of $5.00 US dollars. Please if your not sure, donate the minimum amount only. We appreciate all donations.

This is a donation, not a bribe! We are not selling any thing here. So please do not donate to us, thinking you will get something in return, but our thanks. We Would like to keep this anonymous as possible. If you want to say you donated then we will not stop you.

If you agree to our terms then click on the Donate button to continue. And thank you from all of us here at Radioactive Cricket and The Builders Union.