GMod Update 94

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All servers have been updated.

  1. Fixed server freezing
  2. Fixed Cloudscript failing in non english
  3. [TTT] Changed ragdoll (corpse) carrying to be easier
  4. [TTT] Changed fall damage to be lower if you land on another player, and made it damage them as well
  5. [TTT] Changed mute team key for spectators to F2 (was Alt)
  6. [TTT] Added version number to game description in server browser, with an asterisk if custom weapons are present
  7. [TTT] Added quick switch to slot 7 and back under the Noclip key, or with “ttt_equipswitch”
  8. [TTT] Added “ttt_quickslot (number)” command for switching to a slot without the menu
  9. [TTT] Fixed corpse data networking to be more reliable
  10. [TTT] Fixed Silenced Pistol not letting you take pistol ammo
  11. [TTT] Fixed replaced player spawn ents not taking effect until the second round
  12. [TTT] Fixed error in weapon spawning fallback for weaponless maps
  13. [TTT] Fixed issue where carried objects would jitter
  14. [TTT] Fixed Traitor crosshairs not being red
  15. [TTT] Fixed DNA Scanner and Binoculars world model being visible when held
  16. [TTT] Fixed error spam when a voice indicator was created for a nonexistent player
  17. [TTT] Fixed damage by thrown props not getting attributed to the throwing player

TTT = Trouble in Terrorist Town.

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