GMod update 96

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All servers have now been updated to 96. I have also done the mad cow weapon fix on the Dev server.

Path Notes:

  1. Fixed viewmodel animations lagging
  2. Fixed weapons sometimes ejecting more than one shell at a time
  3. Fixed cloudscript sometimes spawning the wrong entity type
  4. Fixed Lua errors caused by bad Voice entity
  5. Fixed physics crash due to dubious Lua coding
  6. Restored click delay on physgun
  7. Increased max Lua Particle Emitter limit
  8. Added toybox_entity command to spawn cloudscripts offline (take filename as argument)
  9. Added SWEP:DoImpactEffect( tr, type )
  10. Added Particle:GetColor()
  11. Fixed draw.RoundedBoxEx
  12. [TTT] Added bonus credit for players who are the only traitor in a round
  13. [TTT] Changed smoke grenade graphical effects to give better performance
  14. [TTT] Changed detective hats to be disabled by default for now
  15. [TTT] Changed tutorial to be more robust, and removed full help text (see TTT site instead)
  16. [TTT] Fixed player in spectate-only mode appearing as MIA in a certain case

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