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  1. What’s this about new weapons?




    What’s this?  A new weapon?

    Actually, it’s an entirely new weapon base!  Multi-firemodes, weapon attachments, dynamic accuracy, ect.  Multiple firemodes are actually already in, as well as the dynamic accuracy.  Attachments are next.  Finding the MODELS for attachments will be the issue (since I’d feel like shit stealing all of Customizable Weaponry’s models, even though sharing is caring).  I’m sure I’ll find stuff that works though.

    On another note, CPRP now actually loads on a server!  It is practically nothing but sandbox right now, but it definitely loads.

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  2. PostNukeRP r111 Community Patch


    Fixed some issues dealing with the communities in r111. There were alot of unforsean issues that resulted from the Ally/War system


    Patch Notes: r111

    1. Fixed Error keeping people from opening the Community Window (nil oCID Error)
    2. Fixed Unable to open empty communities in Admin Menu
    3. Fixed unable to open communities in Admin Menu with missing oCID’s
    4. Fixed Player Community info not getting reset when a player leave a community
    5. Disbanding a community will now remove itself from other community diplomacy
    6. Orphaned Communities still in Community Diplomacy now shows a error indicating
      it needs to be canceled.
    7. Fixed being able to war yourself when you die
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  3. New Look, New Site, and New Project


    Few things.

    New Look for Radioactive Cricket:
    I am sure everyone has noticed the new look for the Radioactive Cricket site. This is a custom theme that I built for the site today. Still needs a few tweeks, but overall it seems to be working out rather well.

    New Project:
    Well, kind of a new project. Its one that we have been planning on paper since 2010. We have now started work on CyberPunkRP. We will be posting more info here (and on the new site) as we have it. One of the reasons for the revamping of the RC site it to make it ready for more active use.

    New Site:
    Yep, new site for the new game mode. As with PostNukeRP, CPRP will be a gamemode for Garrys Mod.

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  4. PostNukeRP Current Status


    GMod Updates 162-163 have broken a couple of things that are not related to PNRP.

    You may experience error spam at times while connected to any GMod servers, such as upon joining, or while playing until an update gets released. This does not affect the gamemode itself, the server is functioning and you can continue to play normally.

    Some maps have been removed.

    We have temporarily pulled some maps from the maps list, such as pn_downcast, pn_downcast_night, rp_salvation, and rp_salvation_night. It is unlikely that rp_salvation will be re-added as it is no longer available on and it cannot be found on the steam workshop. That, and it is not a very well optimized map. Downcast, night and day versions will be re-added as soon as a problem with the terrain becomes resolved.

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  5. PostNukeRP r110


    Some bug fixes and a whole new system. Community War/Ally system

    Once we are sure there are no bugs we will merg the code for 1.3.0

    Patch notes:

    1. Fixed bug with grid imports
    2. Removed Holo FX from Display Items
    3. Fixed issues with several community menus
    4. Fixed some issues with duplicate menus
    5. Community Window now does partial page refresh
    6. Added Community War/Ally system
    7. Added Recursive war system
    8. Added Community Pending system
    9. Added Community Buddy system
    10. Added Ally Buddy System
    11. Added Death Bonuses for communities at war
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