New Look, New Site, and New Project

Eldar Storm |
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Few things.

New Look for Radioactive Cricket:
I am sure everyone has noticed the new look for the Radioactive Cricket site. This is a custom theme that I built for the site today. Still needs a few tweeks, but overall it seems to be working out rather well.

New Project:
Well, kind of a new project. Its one that we have been planning on paper since 2010. We have now started work on CyberPunkRP. We will be posting more info here (and on the new site) as we have it. One of the reasons for the revamping of the RC site it to make it ready for more active use.

New Site:
Yep, new site for the new game mode. As with PostNukeRP, CPRP will be a gamemode for Garrys Mod.

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