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  1. PostNukeRP 50.5


    Just some patches to fix a few bugs, nothing really new yet.

    1. Fixed RP Names
    2. Fixed Turret Programmer
    3. Fixed Vendor bug Fixed CNC and Workbech Bulk Create bug (People still could have clicked the image icon to create one at a time btw)

    This should fix the last of the issues with the usermessages update.

    We will also be changeing the versioning system as well, more info will be posted on the forums later.

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  2. PNRP Server Issues – Crashing Fixed


    The crashing issue may have been due to a corrupt file on the server.
    What we did, apart from going mad, running in circles, etc…

    What did we do to fix the issue?
    Deleted Wire, wire extras, Adv Dupe, the PNRP Gamemode folder
    Uploaded all that fresh
    Ran the Updater 2 or more times
    And rebooted the server more times than I can count

    Oh, Head Crab Pet Tags are working as well as RP Names now

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  3. PostNukeRP Server Crashing


    Over the past couple of days the server has been having alot of issues with stability.
    I am posting this here to let eveyone know that we are working on resolving the issue.

    For more updated info and progress, visit the forums. You can find more info here.

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  4. New Map, Grid Files Posted, and Update Progress


    First off, the next patch has been slow going, the usermessage conversion rather burnt me out for a bit, but will be working on it more tonight.

    pn_bunker is now done, as some may have noticed its now called pn_lasthope. Bunker was the development name for the map and was not intended to be its final name. As most know, lasthope is a underground fully noded map featuring mines and common areas. This map was made by Metroidfighter. If your looking for a fun challenge, try this one out, just bring a friend.

    I have also posted the Grid Files in a pack available in the download section. This is to help with new servers. As most know, the grid maps tell the gamemode where to spawn resources and mobs on the map. These can easily be imported through the Admin menu in PostNukeRP.

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  5. PostNukeRP 50.2 and 50.3


    Two more updates, ment to post this yesterday.

    Update 50.2
    Added Pet Headcrab Event
    Added Pet Head Crabs
    Fixed Miners not needing to be owned to be used
    Admin Touch All overides Miners instead of Crate All
    Fixed Power Update Error when Turret Target was null
    Modified Endurance Skill (10 level to 6)
    Adjusted Endurance Skill Cost
    Added /name command

    Update 50.3
    Added Combine Event
    Added new Pulse Rifle Weapon
    Added new ammo type

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  6. PostNukeRP 50 The Release


    The day has come, we are releasing the PostNukeRP SVN

    We had planned on doing this with version 50, but sooner. With all the work involved with Garrys Mod 13, it delayed our release date.



    Does this mean no more new content? Wrong, we will still be working on new stuff. We are acually starting on the event system today.
    Patch Notes can be found on the WIki, but I will post them here as well this time.
    Patch notes:
    1.Fixed Eng skill discount rate for individual Item construction
    2.Fixed Radar Bug
    3.Added more checks to disown script init
    4.Added check for stockpile remove
    5.Fixed some more slider issues
    6.Vendor, items added to existing will now just add the items and not ask to change the cost
    7.Fixed Vendor name nil when making a new vendor
    8.Reduced the cost of new vendor and storage profiles
    9.Deaths are logged into the logged file
    10.Power Linker now shows Required Power on tools
    11.Fixed radios
    12.Fixed Pitch Bug on Super Miner
    13.Blocked wire turrets and igniters
    14.Added AFK Command
    15.Added Dev Mode Command
    16.Added Turret Programmer
    17.Fixed Sniper Scope
    18.Added lag compensation to weapons
    19.Fixed WorldCache Issues
    20.Fixed Workbenches Tool
    21.Fixed CNC Tool
    22.Fixed radio not showing in the equipment menu
    23.Fixed pnrp_carinv exploit
    24.Fixed Drop rates
    25.Fixed exploit of Frags and Charges
    26.Cleaned up some folders and old files

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