New Map, Grid Files Posted, and Update Progress

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First off, the next patch has been slow going, the usermessage conversion rather burnt me out for a bit, but will be working on it more tonight.

pn_bunker is now done, as some may have noticed its now called pn_lasthope. Bunker was the development name for the map and was not intended to be its final name. As most know, lasthope is a underground fully noded map featuring mines and common areas. This map was made by Metroidfighter. If your looking for a fun challenge, try this one out, just bring a friend.

I have also posted the Grid Files in a pack available in the download section. This is to help with new servers. As most know, the grid maps tell the gamemode where to spawn resources and mobs on the map. These can easily be imported through the Admin menu in PostNukeRP.

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