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  1. Garrys Mod Update 106


    Have not fully tested to see if anything has issues on this update yet, but the TBU Build and the PostNukeRP servers are both up to date.

    Patch Notes:

    • Fixed crash on OSX when showing the HTML control
    • cl_predict is now requires sv_cheats 1
    • [Lua] Added TextEntry:SetAllowNonAsciiCharacters( b )
    • [Lua] “Error sending usermessage – too large” now has the name of the usermessage
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  2. PostNukeRP Server back up


    So, it seems the patch yesterday for Garry’s Mod broke Glon. The fix for that has been put in today. The server has been tested and everything seems to be working fine again.

    Dont forget that you will probably need to make sure you have the update for gmod.

    Have fun!

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  3. Garrys Mod Update 104 and PNRP still broken


    Ok, so update 104 for Garry’s Mod seems to have broken many gamemodes and several addons including Wire. The issues seem to be affecting several parts of the gamemode. Will post more as I get things worked out.

    Untill then, the PostNukeRP server will be locked.

    Here are his patch notes:

    Fixed dropdowns and menus not showing on menu screen
    Fixed FOV getting locked
    Toybox content downloading retries 3 times before failing
    Changed the way toybox authentication works

    [TTT] Added Decoy equipment for Traitors.
    [TTT] Added credit transferring for Traitors and Detectives.
    [TTT] Changed C4 disarming to involve wire cutting rather than codes.
    [TTT] Changed Traitor starting credits to 2.
    [TTT] Changed balance on most Traitor equipment to make it less noisy and more powerful.

    [Lua] Added Entity:SendViewModelMatchingSequence( i )
    [Lua] game.ConsoleCommand blocked error now says which command was blocked
    [Lua] file.Read should be able to read SVN entries properly
    [Lua] Added Player:SetActiveWeapon( entity )
    [Lua] Added ViewModel:SetWeaponModel( string, weapon )
    [Lua] Added Entity:IsEFlagSet()
    [Lua] Added Entity:AddEFlags()
    [Lua] Added Entity:RemoveEFlags()
    [Lua] Fixed entity creation overflow message showing wrong number
    [Lua] Added Entity:GetCreationID()

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  4. PostNukrRP down for maintenance


    There seems to have been a issue with the recent Garry’s Mod update. Since the update multiple systems in PNRP have stopped working. I have placed a password on the Live server untill I get this issue resolved.

    I will be doing my best to get this back up as soon as possible.

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  5. PNRP Fix


    Uploaded a fix for a issues with the door ownership and a fix to allow bulk crate to be picked up with F2.

    Also put in a quick fix for a grenade issue with the Equipment menu.

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  6. Patch Notes 45 Community System Added


    Here it is, the Community system, plus a bunch of other stuff. Have fun!

    1. Added the Community System
    2. Added Community Stockpile (Storing Resources)
    3. Added Community Locker (Storing Items)
    4. Added Bulk Build for Shop/Inventory/Car Inventory
    5. Added Radio (People can talk across the server on the same frequency)
    6. Added /ooc and // commands for global chat
    7. Added verify window to the Salvage button
    8. Added Items in the Prop Block system can no longer be affected by stools
    9. Added extra menu panel to the main menu (Tab and so on)
    10. Added Punt Protection
    11. Added Player death Zombie
    12. Updated Key System, Keys is now separate from Hands. Usage has been more simplified and can now have multiple owners. See F1 for more info.
    13. Fixed door issue on spawning system.
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  7. PNRP Update 45 – Comming Soon


    Taking a break from the map for a bit and we are working on update 45. Other than some bug fixes we are adding the Community System. Now players will be able to form thier own communities on the server.

    Will explain more on this later.

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  8. Update on WastedWaters


    Still working on the map. For the most part all of the buildings in the town have been created. Still have some detail work to do, but will start on that once I finish more of the map.
    Currently I am building a military base on the map with a air field. Will post some pics of the city and the base once its more along.

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