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Update on WastedWaters

Still working on the map. For the most part all of the buildings in the town have been created. Still have some detail work to do, but will start on that once I finish more of the map.
Currently I am building a military base on the map with a air field. Will post some pics of the city and the base once its more along.

Posted by: Eldar Storm on Friday, October 8th, 2010 at 8:22 PM
Posted under: PostNukeRP
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2 Responses to “Update on WastedWaters”

  1. [TBU] Lord Rahl says:

    Looking forward to this map Eldar…. Btw, Are you adding any features to the gamemode as well? Or is it just the new map?

  2. Eldar Storm says:

    Funny you ask, me and Lost have been working on some new stuff for the gamemode the past couple of days.

    So ya, new map and new stuff for the gamemode. Although the map will take a bit longer.