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Patch Notes 45 Community System Added

Here it is, the Community system, plus a bunch of other stuff. Have fun!

  1. Added the Community System
  2. Added Community Stockpile (Storing Resources)
  3. Added Community Locker (Storing Items)
  4. Added Bulk Build for Shop/Inventory/Car Inventory
  5. Added Radio (People can talk across the server on the same frequency)
  6. Added /ooc and // commands for global chat
  7. Added verify window to the Salvage button
  8. Added Items in the Prop Block system can no longer be affected by stools
  9. Added extra menu panel to the main menu (Tab and so on)
  10. Added Punt Protection
  11. Added Player death Zombie
  12. Updated Key System, Keys is now separate from Hands. Usage has been more simplified and can now have multiple owners. See F1 for more info.
  13. Fixed door issue on spawning system.
Posted by: Eldar Storm on Tuesday, October 19th, 2010 at 3:39 AM
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