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  1. PostNukeRP: Preview of things to come


    Been a while since I have posted a update on current development. Unless you have been following my tumblr account it may seem like I have not been very busy.

    The next update that I have planned is a overhaul of the tool system. The problem with tools in PNRP is the lack of models to use for everything. So, to fix this I have taught myself Blender, and thankfully I already have some skill in Photoshop.

    Crazykid has also been busy and will post a preview later on his progress with the new food items.






    Thats it for now, will post more later on new models.

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  2. PostNukeRP – r153


    First patch that includes a community fix.

    Patch Notes:

    1. Fixed error in saving persistent items
    2. Fixed drop rates of items from resource piles

    Community Fixes (Bizzclaw)

    1. Fixed Antlion spawn around mounds
    2. Fixed exploit from Construction Credit
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