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  1. PostNukeRP – r125 Max Zombie Exploit Fix


    If you are using PostNukeRP you will want to patch this.
    If you have modified the code and just need to know were the fix is, see below.

    Remove the following in \PostNukeRP\Gamemode\base\player_functions.lua

    function GM.set_Zombies(ply, command, arg)
    RunConsoleCommand( "pnrp_MaxZombies", arg[1] )

    return GetConVarNumber(“pnrp_MaxZombies”)
    concommand.Add( “pnrp_SetZombies”, GM.set_Zombies )

    The change has been uploaded to the Unstable SVN Branch.

    I appreciate the player who reported this to us. It seems that many people have been using this to cause problems on servers that still had this exploit.

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  2. Uh-Oh, Nuke’M O’s!


    We’re adding in some new canned food items into PostNukeRP, starting off with our first item, Nuke’M O’s.

    Here’s a couple images of the new food item:

    We’re still putting together more canned items using the new can as a template as we go, so please visit the Dev Forums and suggest any kind of canned foods that come to mind!

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  3. PostNukeRP – “Official Server Section” Moved


    In a effort to better centralize issues relating to the actual PNRP server, we have moved the “Official Server Section” and other server related stuff to the TBU Forums.

    This will help with keeping server related drama from interfering with actual development. This also give all PNRP servers more equal footing on the forums.

    If you are wondering about what happened to all the old posts on that section I have moved them to a archive area that can only be seen by admins.


    If you are playing on the TBU PNRP server and need to post something related to it (bans, appeals, etc) please post them on the TBU Forums

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