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  1. Upcomming Garrys Mod 13 and Recent Valve Update


    Current Issue First:
    Engine Error Client.dll Init() in library client failed.

    This means two things basically, both real bad at the moment. Client crash on startup, and so do servers. Valve released a client update yesterday that broke GMod. According to Garry, he is aware of it, and is working to resolve the issue. So, looks like we get to wait.

    Garrys Mod 13
    Alot of changes seems to be slated for this update, including its own engine. One thing the PNRP team will be looking at with this update is a larg rewright of the gamemode. Its something we have thought about in the past, especially before releasing it, but we wanted to add a few things first. Well, looks like the rewright will be taken priority. When 13 comes out, it will probably terminally break PostNukeRP. The main reason it will break it is Garry removing Datastreams. This is what we use to make most of the client/server sides talk to each other.
    This will also mean that a larg portion of everything else will probably break as well. At least untill everything is recoded to use the new net code stuff.

    If this crashes PNRP as I fear it will, the PNRP server will be swapped over to build untill we have fixed the issue.

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  2. PostNukeRP 2 Year Anniversary


    Yep, this month marks 2 years for PNRP.

    What all is going on for those who are wondering:
    Dev work has been a bit slow as of late, but once Lost has is Net back it will kick back up into overdrive. Lost reports that he may have made a break through on NPC AI while he has been away.

    I have been side tracked with other projects as of late, mainly Minecraft and work. (Plus the Skyrim release did not help). I have also been working some more on a couple of maps.

    Post has a new weapon that will be comming to the Live server in the near future.

    Crazy has a new map that he has been working on, its turning out pretty good.

    Metroid has a few projects that he has been working on, plus the Minecraft stuff as well (and Skyrim).

    Once the next Dev cycle starts up, there should be alot of changes and fixes in the next patch. Dont forget to check the forums.

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  3. Site Hosting change


    Few of my sites will be down in the next few days for a hosting move.

    Affected sites:

    The Dev forums or anything related to will not be affected.

    In other news I may redo the template of the PostNukeRP site, at the moment it does not really lend itself to easy updateing.

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