PostNukeRP: Admin Player Menu Part 1, Battery, Exploit Fix, and GitHub

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Alot of exploit fixes on the back end in this update. Due to this there might be a few bugs, please report them to be as soon as you find them. This should stop much of the exploiting that has been done to the gamemode.

I have also added the first part to a Player Admin Menu. This will eventually enable Admins to edit player info. This can come in handy with tracking down issues. This will work similar to the Community Admin system. So far its mostly just view only.

I have also added the Battery to the Persistent system. Due to how the battery charges and such it is possible that it may not update its charge level on server restarts and crashes.


I have migrated the repository from Google Code to GitHub. Google Code is shutting down and we have been unable to update the SVN for a while now. The version on GitHub is the same thats on the SVN, so it does not have the SQL fix and still has issues with the Network Variables. I will update this in the near future, at that time I will post on the site.

Patch Notes:

  1. Fixed Knife being used from inventory
  2. Fixed Map Vote not showing
  3. Fixed exploit with PNRP.UseFromInv()
  4. Battery added to Persistent Item System
  5. Added Inventory systems show battery charge
  6. Fixed many possible exploits. (Please report any resulting bugs)
  7. Added first part of Player Admin Menu
  8. More code cleanup

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