PostNukeRP – r113-r115 (The Exploit Patch)

Eldar Storm |
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Just bug fixes for these patches, mainly to address exploits found in the gamemode.
This is also one of the first patches where CrazyKid has been able to try his hand at some coding as well.
Bizzclaw has also been helpfull with pointing out a few of these and supplied some code suggestions that we ended up using.

  1. Fixed Miner Health Bug (applies to both miners)
  2. Fixed Infinite items exploit
  3. Fixed Community Minimum Member Requirement
  4. Fixed Shaped Charges not sticking
  5. Fixed Outdoors / Indoors Detection (Increased height)
  6. Balanced drop rates from piles
  7. Fixed spelling issues here and there.
  8. Fixed Combine spawning under the map.
  9. Fixed Pet and Paper duplication bug
  10. Fixed Pet ragdoll spam when death from fire
  11. Fixed infinate fuel exploit in generators
  12. Fixed Inventory showing items with a count of 0
  13. Fixed Hands Console spam due to invalid view model
  14. Fixed Open Car Inventory without car exploit
  15. Fixed Car to Inv item exploit
  16. Fixed Power Tool Mouse2 glitch, where power networks wouldn’t split correctly
  17. Fixed Prop banning exploit using escaped file paths
  18. Fixed Hull type for Fast Head Crab Pet
  19. Fixed turrets killing pets
  20. Fixed duplication exploits with death cases
  21. Fixed duplication exploits with Equipment menu

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