PostNukeRP 1.1.1, GMod 160, and Wire Updates

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We are now at version 1.1.1. Most of this update is bug fixes.

I am currently pushing the changes to the live server. I am also updating Wire and updating GMod as well.

GMod Patch Notes: here

And yes, we have allready started work on 1.2.0 with new stuff.

PostNukeRP 1.1.1 Patch Notes:

  1. Added orange liqueur
  2. Moved M82 files to correct location
  3. Fixed Breakin Bar issue with Locker, Stockpile, and Personal Storage
  4. Fixed Locker repair if over 50%
  5. Fixed AddNetworkString issues with Lockers, Stockpiles, and Personal Storage
  6. Added check to prevent more than 4 death zombies from a player being spawned.
  7. Fixed Salvage Exploit
  8. Added Events Settings to the Admin Menu
  9. Added Community Search Window
  10. Incorporated Community Admin into new Community Search
  11. Fixed Errors in the Community Window
  12. Fixed Community Invite showing the Community ID and not Name
  13. Fixed Dropped Ammo /salvage Exploit, can no longer salvage dropped ammo
  14. Fixed Multiple Equipment Window Exploit
  15. Fixed Vendor Resource bug with Admin Overide on
  16. Fixed Speep AFK exploit
  17. Fixed Suite Power/Armor resetting to 0 on class change or load
  18. Removed Spawn Grid Ent from the Q menu to prevent server crashes
  19. Fixed some issues with Gredanes and Charges
  20. Fixed PHX 2×1 Textureing
  21. Fixed Ammo loss bug
  22. Fixed Inside/Outside looking down bug
  23. Fixed placement Phys Gun time on stockpiles and lockers
  24. Fixed Voice Panel Icons not removing after player leaves
  25. Fixed network errors on Power System (Report errors if any still exist on power system)

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