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Added swim animations
Added pickup objects with USE key like in HL2
Added sv_playerpickupallowed convar to disable player pickup on USE
Fixed blood effect being overridden by mounted content
Fixed panel positions being broken since last update
Fixed loading some particles unnecessarily
Fixed weapon names sometimes not showing in TTT
Added sbox_maxsents (default 512)


Fixed http.get giving invalid data
Added CEffectData:SetMaterialIndex( int )
Added CEffectData:GetMaterialIndex()
Added CEffectData:SetFlags( int )
Added CEffectData:GetFlags()
Added CEffectData:SetDamageType( int )
Added CEffectData:GetDamageType()
Added CEffectData:SetHitBox( int )
Added CEffectData:GetHitBox()
Added CEffectData:SetColor( int )
Added CEffectData:GetColor()
Added CEffectData:GetEntIndex( int ) (serverside)
Added CEffectData:GetEntIndex() (serverside)
Added RichText:InsertClickableTextStart( const char* strCommand )
Added RichText:InsertClickableTextEnd()
Added RichText:InsertFade( float, float )
Added RichText:ResetAllFades( bool, bool, float )
Added RichText:SetToFullHeight()
Added RichText:GetNumLines()
Added RichText:GotoTextStart()
Added RichText:GotoTextEnd()
Added RichText:SetFont( string )
Added TextEntry:SetDrawLanguageIDAtLeft( bool )
Added GM:AllowPlayerPickup( ply, object ) – on ‘USE’ pickups
Added Player:DropObject( ent )
AvatarImage:SetPlayer now takes second optional argument – the size of the avatar required (32, 64, 184)

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