A bunch of fixes and SKILLS!

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Yes, its finally made it, skills have now been added to the gamemode. As it stands, players will get: NPC’x 1XP, Antlion Guards 5xp, and Antlion Mounds 10xp. The other big thing in this is the fix for the Community system. I know alot of people have been frustrated with this bug, but all should be fixed and stable now. Well, now for the patch notes.

  1. Skills have now been added. Players will now gain XP from killing NPC’s and Antlion mounds.
  2. Comminty system has now been fixed and should be stable.
  3. Admin menu has been reworked and will now show correct options.
  4. Prop Cost and Voice Limiter are color coded.
  5. Owned doors will auto unlock when the player leaves.
  6. Props will auto unown if player does not return to the server within 60 seconds.
  7. Cars are correctly owned when they are dropped from inventory.
  8. Car no-clip glitch has been fixed.
  9. Player death zombies now have names.
  10.  Antlion Mounds now have double their HP.

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