Weapons, map, vault, and 1 year.

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This month marks the 1 year aniversary for PostNukeRP and the gamemode has come a long way over the year. Over the next couple of weeks we will probably plan some events on the Live server. During some of these events we will backup player save files so no items or resources are lost. I will post more here and on the forums as we plan them out.

The weapon test last night was a success. Lost got some good data for additional tweaks to improve performance. This is the first step that we needed to take before starting on the new skill systems.

Some news on WastedWaters. Originally I had planned on making a vault under this map, but due to hitting the brush limit, the vault it will become its own map. I have not decided on a name for the vault map, but since the cats out of the bag I will post some picks later on. This does mean it will shorten the time of compleation on WastedWaters.
We are also going to tie the locations of the maps that we are making to each other. For example you will be able to see the vault door for Bunker on WastedWaters.

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