PostNukeRP Update: 1.3.0 (r139 – r154)

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I have finally gotten to updating the Master branch of PostNukeRP with what is in Unstable.
There has been alot of changes, new systems, and exploit fixes between 1.2.0 and 1.3.0. It affects over 120 files, so there are alot of code changes and additions to this update. 
So be warned if you are updating from 1.2.0 to this.

Change Log:

Added Build-A-Car System (See Forums or site for more info)
Added Car Hulls (bodies)
Added Oil (part)
Added Car Tire (part)
Added Car Door (part)
Added Car Muffler (part)
Added Car Axle (part)
Added New Persistent Storage (Remembers Damage and Fuel)
Added Vehicles to use new storage system
Added a function to migrate the old car inventory to player inventory.
Added Bodygroup and skin options to player models in Profiles
Added Vehicle damage system
Added Vehicles to Wasteland Radar (Flashy yellow dots)
Added Car Hulls to Wasteland Radar (Grey dots)
Added new function PNRP.FindNearbyItems( ent ). Returns items 150 around ent that are in the itembase.
Added new function PNRP.UseNearbyParts( Tbl, ent, ply ). If parts listed are near ent it will use them. Tbl is ment to be return from ToolCheck
Added new function PNRP.GetFullInventorySimple( ply ). Returns invnetory from both systems for a player. Used for tool checks
Added new function PNRP.UsePlayerParts( Tbl, ply ). Similar to the old method of using parts, but will use needed items from persistent system. Tbl is ment to be return from ToolCheck
Added code to log kills within spawn area
Added code to warn when players are attacked in spawn area and logs it
Added ability to move bulk items to and from the new inventory (including tools)
Added ability to use items directly from the car inventory.
Added upgrade function that only needs to be run once by the server owner to convert old car inventory to player inventory.
Added resource.AddWorkshop to init with required workshop items (Content Pack and vehicles)
Added ability to use weapons in car seats
Added a function that can be added to entities to allow the player to pick it up and hold with E
Added new repair menu when using the keys and pressing R. Alt+R will open the keys menu
Added new Player Admin Function

Changed player storage to take vehicle weight into account
Reduced head bob
Upgraded the player storage menu to the new style (partial refresh)
Changed Makeshift Engine’s name to Old Car Engine
Changed Old Car Engine. No longer made, has to be found.
Changed Temp God from 15 to 20 sec
Changed /carseat command has been updated to work with every vehicle other than the airboat
F2 on vehicles uses the new PNRP.SearchItembase()
Updated WorldCache to account for new storage system
Moved the position of the Weight text over on the inventory screen
Blocked PHYs Gun from picking things up while player is in a vehicle
Tweaked Wasteland Radar Hud dots
Reduced the default rate of the rad storms

Removed “Send to Car” from Equipment Menu
Removed “Send to Car” from player Inventory
Removed all the old car inventory code
Removed the ability to spawn items directly from car inventory
Removed some of the old M82 models and files

Fixed exploit from Construction Credit
Fixed single item construction not using skill discount
Fixed duplication of pets or misc items
Fixed new vehicles being able to kill combine
Fixed Admin Overrides not synching when joining
Fixed Airboat not set to correct ent name
Fixed Jeep not set to correct ent name
Fixed bug that allowed players to pick up other player’s vehicles
Fixed bugs related to Vendor Display Items
Fixed carseats not being removed when vehicle was removed
Fixed persistent tool dupe in PNRP.GetAllTools( ply )
Fixed WorldCache duplication
Fixed Ammo glitch when dropping weapons
Fixed Error when upgrading class skill
Fixed exploit when using change class to get full HP
Fixed Colour tool use on NPC’s
Fixed Material Tool usage on players
Fixed Unbreakable being used on players
Fixed result error in PNRP.SaveState
Fixed drop rates of items from resource piles
Fixed Antlion spawn around mounds
More code cleanup and exploit fixes

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