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  1. PostNukeRP – r151


    Been a while since my last update, have been rather busy with RL stuff, but here it is. May not seem like a whole lot, but the Repair menu is the first step to migrating many of the other items to this system. The new system will be easily configured and should be easy to add to future items in the gamemode.

    1. Added a function that can be added to entities to allow the player to pick it up and hold with E
    2. Toolbox can now be picked up with E
    3. Fixed Unable to rename vendor
    4. Fixed unable to rename personal storage
    5. No longer damage vehicle from shooting from the seat.
    6. Removed some of the old M82 models and files
    7. New repair menu when using the keys and pressing R. Alt+R will open the keys menu.
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