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  1. Sequestration, Donations, and the Servers


    I am sure everyone has heard about the budget issues with the government, and I know allot of people think that this will have no impact on their lives. Well, for everyone who plays on any of the TBU servers that I pay for (this is pretty much all of them but the DayZ server) this could mean the servers may have to go down for a while.

    The sequestration will be affecting me, I will be taking a 20% pay cut from April to September. This means I may not be able to afford keeping the servers running. While I enjoy providing the free of charge servers for everyone, bills and such must come first.

    So, for the first time, I am asking people to try and donate. If I get enough in donations to keep the servers running, I will do so. If not I may be forced to bring the servers down.

    Also, keep in mind, this is all due to the budget issues. Issues that many think will not harm or affect “regular” people. The truth to it all is that the first and main people that government budget issue will affect are regular everyday people, middle class people, people like myself. The unfortunate fact is that the ones that everyone pictures that will be affected, people high up in Washington, will be the last to be affected.


    EDIT: Possible “light” at the end of the tunnel. The furlough (one day without pay a week for 22 weeks) may not happen. There is talk of extending the current pay freeze another year. Basically for I think the 3rd year in a row gov employees will not get their 0.5% pay raise.

    If this happens I will be able to continue paying fo rthe servers, but will still apreciate any donations if anyone still wishes to help

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