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Bastion, Alice, and Duke Nukem
Eldar Storm | May 31st, 2011

In the event that I find and post more on interesting looking games I created a new Category for them.

Bastion looks like a Diablo style game with a surreal twist, but the most notable thing would probably be the narator. The narator brings to mind the narator for Fallout, but in this game he narates the actions of the player.
More info at

As for Alice and Duke Nukem Forever, its a bit of old news by now acually. They both will be released on 06/14/2011.

Any rate, the Bastion trailer:

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Garrys Mod Update 122
Eldar Storm | May 24th, 2011

Both servers have now been updated to 122.

  • Fixed missing Zombie sounds
  • Added scrollbars to long menus
  • Fixed menus closing wrongly when clicking children
  • Fixed slowdowns in weapon selection menu\
  • Can now drive vehichles when they’re overturned
  • Exposed sv_accelerate
  • Added cleanup.GetTable()
  • Added concommand.GetTable()
  • Added http.GetTable()
  • Added usermessage.GetTable()
  • Added DMenu:Set/GetMaxHeight
    Fixed umsg functions crashing if not started message
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The loss of a admin and a friend
Eldar Storm | May 19th, 2011

I just found out today that our first admin on PostNukeRP, Freedomtoast, passed away on the 11th. Freedom was a good friend and a great admin on the server. He has helped in more ways than I can think of with the server and the gamemode. I know PostNukeRP would not be where its at without his help. He helped debug and find many of the issues, and has made great suggestions that are now part of PNRP. 

More than all this, he was a fun guy to play with. He had a great since of humor and was always fun to be around. He will be missed greatly by all his friends he leaves behind in our community. It will not be the same without him.

We all wish his family the best in this time of sorrow.

David Guy Kalz: April 15, 1991 – May 11, 2011

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Wire update on PNRP and Build servers
Eldar Storm | May 15th, 2011

Basically what the subject says. I was notified that this updated fixed a rather nasty exploit with advanced dupe.

More info:

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Patch Uploaded to Live server and rp_salvation is back
Eldar Storm | May 15th, 2011

I am acually uploading everything as I type this. Since the original problem with these maps seems to be resolved, we are adding them to the map list.

If you need the links for these maps, you can find them in the PNRP Downloads section here.

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PNRP Patch Notes 48
Eldar Storm | May 15th, 2011

This patch has been a long time comming. Alot of bug fixes in this one, a new loading screen to fix equipment/XP Loss, and the PNRP Prop protection system is fully working now.

  1. Fixed Loosing XP and Skills when loading
  2. Fixed freezing on spawn issue
  3. Fixed Community bug if the Community was deleted
  4. Fixed loosing weapons when waking up
  5. Fixed issue with equiping the revolver from inventory
  6. Fixed Several Grammer issues
  7. Fixed Ownership bug, items are no longer tracked by player name
  8. Fixed the indoor spawner to reduce mobs getting stuck in the map
  9. Fixed Multibug Shop and Inventory window issue
  10. Fixed Headbob in car issue
  11. Fixed /dropwep command with radio bug
  12. Fixed Skill tab to read correctly in the Help Menu
  13. Added Player Load screen
  14. Added Temp 15sec god mode when player spawns
  15. Added Sounds to ownership taking and removing
  16. Added Admin Overide for Keys
  17. Added clock to top bar (Currently does Client Local Time will change to server later)
  18. Added Prop Protection Buddy system
  19. Added a new gun, the UMP Post
  20. Completed PNRP Prop Protection system
  21. Props now are auto owned by the player
  22. Vehicles and seats can no longer be no collided all, no collide world, adv ballsocket, or ez ballsocket
  23. Changed ownership from F21 to F11
  24. Moved Voice Limiter and Prop Cost indicators above the main menu
  25. Grub Nuggets no longer collide to reduce lag
  26. Miner Scrap no longer collides
  27. Oranges from the plan no longer collide
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