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  1. World of Warcraft Addon Pack & Info on next PNRP Map


    The pack of addons that I have thrown together has been updated as of last night. You can find the link in the Downloads section.

    More info is located at


    I have been working on this for a while, and have started back on it again. The map is PN_Vault121, this was originally in the WastedWaters map, but I ran out of brushes. So I split the vault off into its own map. As you can probably guess the map is a Vault, there will be a sizeable above ground area, but nothing as larg as Wasted Waters or Post Nuke.

    There is still alot more to be done on this map even before it gets into initial testing. The main Vault facility is compleat for the most part, so I am now working on the larg cavern and above ground areas.


    As for my other maps PostNuke and WastedWaters, I am still workign on those as well. WastedWaters, since I have had so many problems with it, may only see one more release before I hang it up on that map. I have learned alot working on that map, and realized I have made it overly complex.

    PostNuke for the most part is done. Just a few fixes here and there and I should have RC1 out. The largest update to that map will be a revamp of the skybox to better align it with the ground.

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  2. PostNukeRP Server address


    You can now access the the PostNukeRP Garry’s Mod server by using the domain

    I have set this up in case I have to change servers, those using this address to connect will not be affected since I can just change the IP in DNS.

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