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  1. Beware the call “Maintenance for windows computer”


      As this is not new news for most out there about phishing and such, I figured I would put this here as a reminder about these things. Needless to say, this reminder came in the form of a lady with bad English and a Indian accent calling me claiming to be “Maintenance for your windows computer”. She would not name any company, and stated that she was not with a company, but was “Maintenance for windows computer”. After getting the lady flustered to the point of sputtering with my constant quest for the “company name” I stated to her that I felt she was trying to scam me. After this, i got a nice little click, and the call was ended.

    As amusing as this all sounds, the bottom line is. Never give your personal information out over the phone or via email. Be sure to verify who you are dealing with. Worst case, ask for their phone number to call back then look up the number and make sure they are who they are and that their greeting system matches what they said.

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