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  1. PN_WastedWaters_Beta_1


    I have released beta 1 of Wasted Waters. I know there are some bugs with the map, I am currently working on them. Any bugs or issues that you come accross, post them on the GMDev Forums. The map is now on the live server and is ready for use.

    You can download the new map here.

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  2. Equipment Menu Ammo Hotfix


    Forgot to post this last night. There was a bug that kept people from beeing able to drop ammy using the Equipment Menu. This has now been fixed. I have also changed it so when the command /dropammo is used it will open the Equipment Menu.

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  3. Wake Weapon Loss Bug – Hotfix


    We may have finally found teh error that was causing this issue. We were finally able to catch a error when this acually happened to someone and were able to track down what we beleave is the issue.

    If anyone is still having this issue after the time of this post, please post on the GMDev forums.

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  4. PNRP Patch Notes 46 New Weapon System


    The new weapons are now on the Live server. As said before, this is our first step for the skill system. All existing weapons owned by players have been converted to the new ones. You will notice some new types of weapons and some changups to the old lineup.

    One of the new items is the Shaped Charge. This can be used on Doors or Antlion Mounds. The shotgun can no longer bust down doors.

    I have also included in the patch notes the hotfixes that we have done since 45. The server will be back up after the upload is finished.

    1. Added New weapon system (by LostInTheWired) Existing weapons owned by players have been converted
    2. Added the ability to lower weapon using Walk-Right Click (Alt-Right Click by default)
    3. Added Shaped Charge (Can be used on Doors and Antlion Mounds)
    4. Added the ability to pickup Bulk Build boxes with F2
    5. Added the ability for Prop Allowed to override some of the blanket bans in prop control
    6. Fixed issue with Bulk Build not charging the player
    7. Fixed issue with having 1 grenade when loading
    8. Fixed Issue with door breaking if a co-owner left
    9. Removed Weapon Seats, regular seats can be spawned from the Q menu
    10. Optimized a few datastreams dealing with inventory
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  5. Weapons, map, vault, and 1 year.


    This month marks the 1 year aniversary for PostNukeRP and theĀ gamemode has come a long way over the year. Over the next couple of weeks we will probably plan some events on the Live server. During some of these events we will backup player save files so no items or resources are lost. I will post more here and on the forums as we plan them out.

    The weapon test last night was a success. Lost got some good data for additional tweaks to improve performance. This is the first step that we needed to take before starting on the new skill systems.

    Some news on WastedWaters. Originally I had planned on making a vault under this map, but due to hitting the brush limit, the vault it will become its own map. I have not decided on a name for the vault map, but since the cats out of the bag I will post some picks later on. This does mean it will shorten the time of compleation on WastedWaters.
    We are also going to tie the locations of the maps that we are making to each other. For example you will be able to see the vault door for Bunker on WastedWaters.

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  6. New Weapon System – Comming Soon


    Just a FYI, we have started on a new weapon system (we as in LostInTheWired). This is the first step that needs to be taken before we start on the Skill systems. Currently we are going to be using the CSS weapon models since they are easily available. Later on we will look at a original set of models.

    As for the new map, its comming along.

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  7. Garrys Mod Update 109


    All TBU and TEC servers are updated to 109.

    So far PostNukeRP does not show any issues with this update.

    Patch Notes:

    Toybox Save now uploads a screenshot
    Added cleanup and save buttons to Toybox Save
    Changed Toybox auth system to be less error prone
    Changed how scriptenforcer works internally to be more secure
    Fixed crash in physics_npc_solver when loading a Toybox Save

    [Lua] Player:GetPunchAngle() is now shared
    [Lua] Fixed bitshifting not working on variables
    [Lua] Added Entity:FindTransitionSequence()

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  8. Hotfix and Scrip Enforcer


    Hotfix was pushed onto the server to fix the tools not beeing able to be used on the world.

    I have also turned Script Enforcer on. The reason for this is there are apparently some client addons that conflict with some stuff in PNRP. This will rule all those issues out, and not to mention with the Wastelander having a radar, its kind of unfair to allow others with radar addons to use thier own. Not to mention targetting addons and such.

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