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  1. New map for PostNukeRP


    New map made by Metroidfighter for PostNukeRP. This map is a underground vault/bunker with tunnels that can be accessed through the sewer system. On the PNRP server, this is where you will find your resources.

    The map has been fully noded and is still a work in progress. It takes advantage of the new inside spawning system that has been added to PNRP. You can find the map in the Downloads section.

    Have Fun!

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  2. Patch Notes 44


    Just a few bug fixes.

    1. Fixed getallcars code that stopped tool pickup from working
    2. Fixed Mounds to work correctly with inside spawner
    3. Fixed Equipment Menu (Now works correctly with Car and Inventory)
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  3. Patch Notes 43


    This is a big one, the new Spawn System is here. Beware!
    Here are the patch notes.

    1. New Spawning system installed.
    2. Added Indoor Spawner
    3. Indoor spawner will auto disable if props are detected
    4. Indoor spawner will disable id linked door is owned
    5. Added better control over spawning system
    6. Added Antlion Mounds to the spawning system
    7. Added AI so Antlions will return to their mound when a enemy is detected near by
    8. Added sTool for placing Grid Nodes
    9. Added viewable bounding box for range of grid nodes
    10. Added Equipment Menu for equipped weapons and ammo
    11. Added spawn protection system, this will delete props within range of the player spawn entities
    12. Added the ability if the spawn protection system to make doors in range unownable
    13. Fixed bug that allowed the Radar to be moved after synch started
    14. Fixed noclip explit when picking up your car while in it
    15. Added timer to delay equiping weapons to reduce the loss equipment bug
    16. Added save player after you wake up
    17. Added admin overide to start the miner
    18. Added admin overide to use the orange plant
    19. Added options into the Admin menu to controle new features
    20. Fixed bug with Prop Blocking system
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