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  1. Patch Notes 37


    Few bug fixes and a feature that has been requested. Your low endurance and hunger should no longer sneak up on you. The plan interface should be more friendly now and you can change your HUD to a larger one.
    Will have more HUDs available later.

    Well, here are the patch notes:

    1. Fixed: Console /say
    2. Fixed: Players can no longer own the world
    3. Fixed: Players can no longer own other players
    4. Added: Color tool can no longer be used on other players
    5. Added: Color tool can only be used on props owned by the player
    6. Added: HUD now indicates low Endurance, HP, and Hunger more.
    7. Added: Player now uses npc Hunger voice when hunger gets low.
    8. Updated: Players can now swap between two available HUDs using pnrp_HUD in console.
    9. More HUDs to come
    10. Updated: Plant Interface


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  2. Updates over the weekend


    Should see some updates to PostNukeRP over the weekend. I allready have a few updates done on the dev server waiting to get pushed, but wanted to get a few more things added.

    A upcomming feature that a few have requested was for something to warn the player that thier Hunger or Endurance is getting low. Will be working on adding something for this.

    Some allready fixed bugs: 
    The problem of people owning each other and the world. That has been fixed and will be pushed out.
    Color tool will also be opened backup to guests since Prop-protection now restricts the tool from beeing used on other people or props that are not owned (F12).

    Just thought I would let you guys know that we are still around and still working on the gamemode.

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  3. GMod Patch 82


    Looks like this update is just bug fixes. I have verified that this fixes the E2 error that I had to put a patch in for, and should fix the spam from the knife.

    Fixed not being able to join servers with non-English steam language
    Fixed issues with datapack
    Fixed Lua errors in animation system
    Fixed particle crash
    Fixed EP2 Hunter crash
    Fixed Floor Turret crash
    Fixed rare VPhysics crash
    Fixed Weapon:DefaultReload crash
    Added Entity:SequenceDuration( int )
    Added Entity:SelectWeightedSequenceSeeded( int, int )
    Added Entity:GetSequenceName GetSequenceActivity GetSequenceActivityName

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  4. Symantec – 44 Million Stolen Gaming Credentials Uncovered


    Interestign article and a good reason to keep your anti-virus and anti-spyware/mailware up to date. Beware of phishing emails and fake sites.

    A bit from thier blog:

     We recently analyzed a new sample submitted to Symantec and came across a server hosting the credentials of 44 million stolen gaming accounts. What was interesting about this threat wasn’t just the sheer number of stolen accounts, but that the accounts were being validated by a Trojan distributed to compromised computers. Symantec detects this threat as Trojan.Loginck.

    You can find the full story here:

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