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  1. Garrys Mod Patch 81


    Patch Notes for

    Added Extensions dialog
    Fixed EP2 showing as unavailable in content
    Added datapack
    Fixed PCallError returns
    Fixed crash with http.Get
    Fixed crash with particles
    Fixed SWEP:Holster when returning false
    Removed ‘GMod Options’ menu item

    Added Player:DoSecondaryAttack
    Added Player:DoCustomAnimEvent
    Added Weapon:GetHoldType
    Added gui.OpenURL( url )

    This patch is reported to have broken E2 and many Gamemodes. After further resurch one of the major issues is that datastreams are not working correctly.

    There is a fix on the facepunch forums for the datastream issue.

    I have allready done the first fix to the Build, RP, and Dev servers and will be doing the seconed fix later today.  As it stands PostNukeRP is currently working.

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  2. Patch Notes 36 & New Maps


    Quick fix basically.

    1. Fixed Inventory but that kept new people from opening a empty inventory window.

    As far as the new map, Beta 2 of gm_PostNuke has been going strong on the Live server for a while now. I have now created a night version of this map. I have included the downloads for this in the Downloads section.

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  3. Patch Notes 35


    Changed how the gamemode conveys the inventory to the client, changed from using send lua to data streams. This should reduce lag.

    1. Updated inventory system (no longer using sendlua)
    2. Updated Prop Control
    3. Updated plant, now drops fruit and takes less work to maintain
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  4. gm_postnuke_beta_1


    Ok, got the first version to test on the live RP server, gm_postnuke_beta_1. Its small enough to download from the server and I have added a download for it in the Downloads section.

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  5. Patch Notes 34


    Fixed alot of issues on this update. Also changed how F2 works with vehicles. To take ownership you have to use F12 now, F2 will pick up the car like everything else. Also fixed most of the hold positions on the weapons, other than the knife. Will probably end up reworking this later. 

    On another note, I have removed PC Mod from the server. Was not really beeing used.   
    Well here are the patch notes, have fun.

    1. Fixed datastream issue
    2. Fixed Hold Type of most weapons (Knife position/animation is still broken)
    3. Fixed issue with eating some foods from inventory with the Use Button
    4. Fixed class change in seat crash problem
    5. Fixed Prop Control, now works correctly
    6. Cars can now be picked up using F2, ownership is now only F12
    7. Large update to the Help Window (F1)
    8. Updated some of the text in the Class Menu
    9. Admin button now only shows if you are a admin
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  6. PostNukeRP server back up


    Issue has been resolved. There may have been a conflict with a newer addon and the recent update that conflicted with the admin mod.

    Still working on the nest update to address some of the more recent issues with how weapons are held and the gamemodes prop controle system.

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  7. GMod Update 76-78


    Garry recently updated Garry’s Mod to 78 and this seems to have caused problems with the server. In both addons used to manage it and a few minor aspects of the gamemode.

    I have allready fixed some issues with the weapons, but had to bring the server down due to pressing issues with the admin mod that we were using. To protect the server from tampering, I brought it down untill we put in a fix.
    This has also made me rethink my schedule for starting on [SAT] Simple Admin Tool. So keep a look out here for more info reguarding that.

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