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  1. Patch Notes 32

    1. Added Smelting Tool (Science Class)
    2. Added Plant Tool (Cultivator Class)
    3. Fixed Car Inventory Salvage Bug
    4. Fixed Many bugs with grenades.
    5. Adjusted Food Health Ratio
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  2. The Death of Dr. Wallace Breen


    As posted on Steam.

    Robert Culp

    August 16, 1930 – March 24, 2010

    We were deeply saddened to learn of the death of actor Robert Culp on March 24, 2010. We were fortunate enough to work with Culp during the making of Half-Life 2, when he wrestled invisible headcrabs, expressed a passionate interest in animation, and taught us all how to bring a character to life from words on a page, as he voiced one of gaming’s most beloved villains, Dr. Wallace Breen. He will be missed.

    Dr Breen

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  3. Patch Notes 31 — Hunger System


    Grab your Can O’ Beans, Hunger is now here.

    1. Introduced Hunger System
    2. Added Food to the shop menu.\
    3. Added Cultivator tools need for some food creation.
    4. Added Can O Beens for general creation
    5. Endurance now decreases at a steady rate.
    6. Fixed small error in class menu.
    7. Changed the weight of many inventory items and the max carry weight.
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  4. Patch Note 30


    Just one

    1. Fixed – HP on start bug

    Also discovered a bug with the maps rp_salvation and rp_salvation_night. While working fine when changing from one map to another they seem to crash when changing to any other maps.

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  5. Patch Notes 29

    1. Rework of Endurance system to fix Endurance bugs (No Longer NetworkVariable)
    2. Added slimmer HUD, can now toggle HUD’s with pnrp_HUD (Only 1 and 2 available
      right now)

    Endurance fix should fix the current bug that has been crashing the endurance timer.
    Have also added a sound patch to the server, mobs should now have sound.

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  6. Steam Accounts getting Phished (stolen)


    For those who do not know, Phishing is when someone gets your account info by pretending to be someone else and then takes the account.

    There has been a rash of accounts beeing phished by the getting PM’s about a Steam Group. Needless to say the page is fake, and the group is not real. It will take you to a page that looks like steam and there will be a log in box on the left. DO NOT log into this, if you do your account will be stolen and they will use it to send it out even more.

    The site in question is “www steampowered pips ru”, and yes I took the dots out to keep anyone from mistakingly linking to it and logging in.

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