PostNukeRP – r133

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Few more bug fixes.

Patch Notes:

  1. Fixed Error with Bulk Item Boxes
  2. Fixed door ownership
  3. Changed default Tool settings to 4 (All)
  4. Fixed Pod Controller not being dissabled when no fuel

I have also updated Wire, Wire Extras, Advanced Dupe, and Adv Dupe 2.

Note on Version Numbering

The version number method will probably change eventually, well at least after the gamemode is uploaded to GitHub. I am planning on uploading everything to GitHub, but it will be after PNRP has made it farther though the overhaul. The SVN on Google is now outdated, and still has some of the old exploits in it as well as the issues with Network Variables, so its not exactly stable.

Why wait?

Well there are several areas in the code that need work. Parts of PNRP were coded during some of the more broken periods of Garry’s Mod. Due to that there are some rather messy workarounds. Reason for some of the duplicated areas in the code, the inventory system for example.

When will it be uploaded?

Will be a while. With Lost’s work schedule and everything else I have going on we both dont have as much time as we used to, to work on the code. We will be working on it however our schedule though. We still have many changes and new additions planned for PNRP.

How can I help?

Report bugs and suggestions are always welcome. I can not really stress the bug reporting enough really. If you find any bug, please report them on the dev forums. I will try and patch them up as soon as I can. I have also added a Bug Report thread on the PNRP Steam Group. PostNukeRP Steam group is open, so anyone can join it. If you do not like using forums, posting here is  a good alternative.

Find a Exploit?

PM them to me on the forums, or in Steam if you have me on your list.  You should also be able to PM me though the PNRP Steam Group.

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