Garrys Mod Update 104 and PNRP still broken

Eldar Storm |
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Ok, so update 104 for Garry’s Mod seems to have broken many gamemodes and several addons including Wire. The issues seem to be affecting several parts of the gamemode. Will post more as I get things worked out.

Untill then, the PostNukeRP server will be locked.

Here are his patch notes:

Fixed dropdowns and menus not showing on menu screen
Fixed FOV getting locked
Toybox content downloading retries 3 times before failing
Changed the way toybox authentication works

[TTT] Added Decoy equipment for Traitors.
[TTT] Added credit transferring for Traitors and Detectives.
[TTT] Changed C4 disarming to involve wire cutting rather than codes.
[TTT] Changed Traitor starting credits to 2.
[TTT] Changed balance on most Traitor equipment to make it less noisy and more powerful.

[Lua] Added Entity:SendViewModelMatchingSequence( i )
[Lua] game.ConsoleCommand blocked error now says which command was blocked
[Lua] file.Read should be able to read SVN entries properly
[Lua] Added Player:SetActiveWeapon( entity )
[Lua] Added ViewModel:SetWeaponModel( string, weapon )
[Lua] Added Entity:IsEFlagSet()
[Lua] Added Entity:AddEFlags()
[Lua] Added Entity:RemoveEFlags()
[Lua] Fixed entity creation overflow message showing wrong number
[Lua] Added Entity:GetCreationID()

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