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  1. Custom AI back from the dead


    One of our very early plans was to make NPC’s with custom AI’s to expand their abilities and such.
    About a year ago or so we shelved this idea due to Garry breaking custom scheduling and such a while back. We had also taken a look at nextbot at the time, but it was still in early stages and did not work all that well.

    Well as of now we have taken this project off the shelf and blown the dust off of it. We are working on nextbot NPC’s.

    Why post this now?
    Well after alot of work over the past week laying the foundation of the NPC we made a lot of progress last night.

    I will not be going into detail about what all the NPC will be able to do, we want this to be a surprise.
    All I will say is that we are starting on the standard Classic HL2 Zombie, and our custom AI should make it more interesting and challenging.

    What will we be doing after the first Zombie?
    Wait and see

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  2. PostNukeRP – r127 New Bounty Board System


    Ok, a few bug fixes and the new Wasteland Bounty Board has been added

    First off Patch Notes:

    1. Fixed ViewModel for Home-made Radio
    2. Fixed some errors with players not in communities
    3. Added new Bounty Board System

    The bounty board is pretty strait forward.
    To access the Bounty Board you will need to use a Home-Made Radio. The Bounty Board option will be on the radio’s interface.

    To post a bounty you will need to have the minimum resources [200 Scrap, 75 Small Parts, and 10 Chems]
    Bounties will expire on their own after 3 days.
    There is also a Bounty Tax, this will charge you 10% and is not refundable, even if you cancel the bounty or if it expires.

    Multiple people can post a bounty on a single person, but a single person can not post multiple mounties on the same target.

    A player can accept multiple bounties, and you will need to accept it before you are given credit for the bounty.
    If you kill the person without accepting the bounty first, it will look like a RDM, and you will not get credit for the bounty and it will remain open.

    Bounties are first some first served, so the first registered hitman to terminate the target will get the reward.

    The update will be uploaded to the server sometime tonight.

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