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PostNukeRP SVN Update Version 1.1.0
Eldar Storm | January 19th, 2013

We have updated the SVN to version 1.1.0

As you have probably noticed, we have changed the versioning system as well. Version 1.0 is what was known as Version 50.


Patch Notes:

  • Added Events System
  • Added Pet Head Crabs
  • Added Radiation Storm Event
  • Added Pet Headcrab Event
  • Added Combine Event
  • Fixed Miners not needing to be owned to be used
  • Admin Touch All overides Miners instead of Crate All
  • Fixed Power Update Error when Turret Target was null
  • Modified Endurance Skill (10 level to 6)
  • Adjusted Endurance Skill Cost
  • Added /name command
  • Added new Pulse Rifle Weapon
  • Added new ammo type
  • Added Turret Programmers
  • Fixed Vendor Bug
  • Converted 95% of the usermessages to net library
  • Fixed RPName revert bug, where a nil RPName (for reverting to Steam Name) would error out.
  • Added ErrorNoHalt death reports
  • Added new Trade Menu and new Admin Trade Menu
  • Added Delete Spawn Grid button to delete spawn grids from the database
  • Added labels to the grid windows in the admin spawn grid menu
  • Added ErrorNoHalt message to log when a admin changes the Admin settings
  • Fixed decimal issues with sliders
  • Cleaned up sliders
  • “Send to Car Inv” button now uses slider to send bulk to car
  • Fixed sliders in CNC and Workbench Menu
  • Fixed Tool Check hook to use ASSMod’s tool restriction if ASSMod is present
  • Fix radio drop, as well as radio not having a world model
  • Backpacks should no longer give an extra charge
  • Fixed Storage and Vendor bug with deleting excess items.
  • Removed debug number from storage when picking it up.
  • Fixed some spelling errors and info
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ASSMod Update
Eldar Storm | January 14th, 2013

Evolve has been replaced by ASSMod on the PNRP Server. This seems to have fixed our last issue with the RP Names.
Due to the update to ASSMod all player ranks on the server has been reset. We will update people as we can.

I have also updated Wire, Wire Extras, Adv Dupe, and Adv Dupe 2.
This means Adv Dupe 2 is now working correctly.

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Hotfix 59-60 RPNames and New Trade Menu
Eldar Storm | January 8th, 2013

Hotfix 59-60
RP Names should be fixed now
New trade menu has been added

ASSMod Replacement – Put on hold for a moment. Need to do a bit more testing. Once we have it uploaded I will probably include a download link to the version of ASSMod that we will be useing.

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Evolve ASSMod Conversion [Server Maintanance Tuesday]
Eldar Storm | January 6th, 2013

Ok, I think me and Lost have had it with Evolve.

On the front end, its a nice admin tool, and I am sure its great for regular Sandbox, but for custom gamemodes, its not so good.

We are planning on replacing Evolve with ASSMod Tuesday, so the server will be down/locked for a bit while we do this.

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