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  1. PNRP Status and Wiki


    Still working on the PNRP Update.
    Currently Finished: Vendor, Player Storage, Paper.
    Close to Finished: Power System

    Have also started working on closing loose ends with some of the protection stuff. Weapins and SEnt’s are blocked from spawning.
    I will also be looking at Moding Evovle to use as a Admin tool for the PNRP Server. There is a SVN for GMod 13, but it only works with Sandbox.

    The new Wiki is online, but dont expect too much on it yet, we are still updating it.

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  2. PostNukeRP GMod 13 Update


    Good news and bad news.
    The day for Garrys Mod 13 has come, and the bad new is that we have not been able to get everything needed done on PNRP for its release.
    There is still alot to do and alot to fix. The current status of it is that its testable, but not playable.

    The good news, we have made alot of progress with new systems, and the gamemode is runnign a whole lot smoother with the new GMod 13 updates and the rewrite we did to alot of the code.

    Current To DO List (Know I probably missed some items)
    Power system (Lost is currently working on this.
    Player Lockers (I will be starting this shortly)
    Fix on HUD 2 (the last update to GMod broke it)
    Block some of the stuff in the new C Menu (Resizing Mobs for example)
    Fix the C Menu for voice again
    Test every single system to make sure nothing buggs out.
    Fix the spawn grid Editor (Broke on the last update)
    Several other things I am sure I forgot to put here

    Other good news, the new player Vending Machine is done and fuilly working. Player Communities can now set a Title on a player. New tag above players now shows the player’s name, community, and title.

    Q: So, what will happen with the PNRP server until PNRP is ready?
    A: We will probably convert it to a build server in the short term.

    Q: How long will it take to get the update out?
    A: Do not know exactly, hopefully soon.

    Q: Will my player save data still be there?
    A: No, the old system for saving player data is not compatable with the new system, and no there is not a way to convert it.

    Q: Will all my dupes be gone from the server
    A: They should remain on the server, I will be backing up the data folder on the server.

    Q: Is the Criminal system getting still getting added.
    A: We are still planning on it, but sometime after we get it ready for GMod 13

    As always, check here, the forums, or my twitter for more info on whats going on. Any questions, please post them on the forums.

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