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  1. Garrys Mod 13 Release


    Garry’s Mod 13 will be releasing on Sep 24th. We still have some work left to do on the PNRP server before the release, but we will be ready.
    Bit of a Q/A on what to expect.

    Q. Will players loose thier data on the server.
    A. Yes, and no we will nto be making efforts to recover it.

    Q. Is PNRP getting released to the public?
    A. Yes, soon after the release of GMod 13 we will be releasing PNRP to the public.

    Q. Why soon after?
    A. We want to make sure there are no game breaking bugs.

    Q. How soon is “soon”?
    A. Maybee a week or two.

    Q. Are you going to add more content after release?
    A. Yes. There are several features and planned ideas that we want/need to add.

    Q. Is the live server still going to use ASSMod?
    A. Yes, we will be using the version that was updated and made available to the Workshop.

    Q. Where can I go to post suggestions and Bugs?
    A. The Dev forums:

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