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  1. Garrys Mod Engin Error Client.dll


    As we know most people out there are getting this Engine Error. Client.dll Init() in library client failed.

    From what I have found out this error was not caused by the recent update by Garry. This problem seems to have developed after a recent engine update by Valve. This beeing said we will still probably have to wait untill Garry releases a patch for this.

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  2. Garrys Mod Update 110


    The Build and PostNukeRP server have been updated to 110.

    Added PHX content pack
    Changed default loading screen
    sv_client_predict now defaults to 1
    Ragdolls now copy skin, blood colour, material
    No longer crashes when modelprecache is full (instead refuses to load new models)
    Disabled scriptenforcer when playing demos
    Fixed ‘out of edicts’ error – won’t create new entities if we’re near the limit
    Servers can now define a loading screen for people joining their server (sv_loadingurl)

    [Lua] Fixed not being able to turn off player shadows
    [Lua] Added GAMEMODE:CalcViewModelView hook
    [Lua] Added ViewModel:ViewModelIndex()
    [Lua] Lua entities can override regular entities (when named the same)
    [Lua] Added Entity:StopParticleEmission()
    [Lua] Added Entity::CreateParticleEffect( strName, iAttachmentType, tabControlPoints )
    [Lua] Fixed bug in render.RenderView which meant that after enabling ortho mode you couldn’t turn it off again
    [Lua] Added GAMEMODE:PlayerCanPickupItem

    [TTT] Added first person ragdoll cam.
    [TTT] Added ability for Traitors to hang corpses on walls with the Magneto-stick.
    [TTT] Added Glock automatic pistol.
    [TTT] Added “X is innocent” radio command.
    [TTT] Added “Call detective” button to corpses.
    [TTT] Added debug messages to TTT entities for mappers (set “developer 2″).
    [TTT] Added check that forces sv_alltalk off if it’s on.
    [TTT] Changed gun ironsight positions to be lower (disable in settings).
    [TTT] Fixed flaregun scorch marks often not showing up.
    [TTT] Fixed thrown explosive barrel kills sometimes being attributed to victim instead of thrower.
    [TTT] Fixed Fretta map-only vote restarting while in progress.
    [TTT] Fixed ttt_damageowner not working well for certain physics-based traps

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