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PostNukeRP – r135

Postby eldarstorm » Mon May 25, 2015 12:10 am

You guessed it, more fixes. There were still some instances that needed converted to the new wrapper and some tools needed the convar conversion. So far everything seems to be working fine now.

I have also started adding a new feature suggested by LoudButton. From the Tab Menu (Score board) you can click on a player's icona and it will open a new window with some more detailed info, including their steamid. Eventually there will be a report option, but for now you can more easily get a player's steam id. The field is a text box so you can copy/past from it.

I have also been busy consolidating redundant itembase functions. Before too long I will start on the new inventory system. The new system will track damaged states and such of items picked up from the world. And don't worry, there will not be a wipe. I will be writing a one time use function that will convert everyone's inventory.

Patch Notes:

Fixed Error from miner.
Fixed Admin overrides not working on tools.
Fixed more ownership issues on some tools.
Fixed Antlion Mounds not pulling spawner variables from the database.
Fixed error that was being thrown on server side in the itembase. Had to move the UnBlock for loop.
Added new Player Info window accessed from the Tab Menu (Click on the player's Icon)
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