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PostNukeRP - r132

Postby eldarstorm » Wed May 13, 2015 9:47 pm

This update will not be on the SVN due to Google shutting down their SVN service. I will eventually be moving PNRP to GitHub. Once moved I will post the location and update the SVN links and info.
Rather a large update of sorts. Due to Garry's Mod changing how Network Variables work, it basically broke a lot of systems within PNRP. I have changed PNRP over to Mista-Tea's netwrapper. The netwrapper code is not included in the gamemode.

I have also patched ASSMod to use the new wrapper, thus extending its life a bit longer.

This update also includes the start of the over haul I have started on PNRP. The advantage with this is that I no longer have to work on two separate copies of PNRP, and do double the work.

Patch Notes:

Added useable Ladder (Created by LiddulBOFH).
Converted Most ConVars to the Database. Some of these still replicate to a convar as needed.
Spawner settings are now per map and will use default settings when not set.
Outside check now looks for HitSky, this should fix issues with large caves and buildings.
Car inventory can now be access from using the ammo box on the back of the Jeep.
Replaced Network Variables with Mista-Tia netwrapper link
Fixed Community Names not displaying on players on in TAB menu
Fixed storage and lockers being broken into by their owners.
Fixed ownership issues of some props.
Increased the height of player names.
New zombie (nexbot) is included in the new code, but only spawnable by admins with overrides on. (This zombie can lag the server if it encounters a ladder)
Several other fixes related to Network Variable conversion.
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