PostNukeRP – r145 Build-A-Car Part 2

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PostNukeRP – r145 Build-A-Car Part 2

Postby eldarstorm » Sun Jul 19, 2015 5:40 pm

Part 2 of the new car updates. This update changes the vehicles to be persistent and to have individual inventories. They will also store gas as well now, so when you pick up your vehicle it will retain its level of fuel. Each type of vehicle has a different tank size. They are also set to track their health as well, but the damage system is not in place yet.

One note on the vehicle inventory, it will follow the vehicle. So if you put a bunch of items into a car and then sell that car to another player they will get the items as well.

This is the 2nd of the 3 planned updates for vehicles, the next will be vehicle damage.

The method of doing this allows me to make any persistent item into a storage unit pretty easily. There are a few functionality losses and gains with this compared to the old system. Since the old car inventory system is not gone I have converted everyone's existing car inventory to their player inventory.

Patch Notes:

Added New Persistent Storage
Added Vehicles to use new storage system
Fixed some issues with persistent items and WorldCache
Added a function to migrate the old car inventory to player inventory.
Fixed Airboat not set to correct ent name
Fixed Jeep not set to correct ent name
Removed "Send to Car" from Equipment Menu
Removed "Send to Car" from player Inventory
Removed the ability to spawn items directly from car inventory.
Added ability to move bulk items to and from the new inventory (including tools)
Added ability to use items directly from the car inventory.
Removed all the old car inventory code
Added upgrade function that only needs to be run once by the server owner to convert old car inventory to player inventory.
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