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PostNukeRP - r144 Build-A-Car Part 1

Postby eldarstorm » Mon Jul 13, 2015 7:14 pm

Part 1 of the new car system is finally done. This system changes how players will be able to get vehicles in PostNukeRP. This update also marks the first time that we will depend on the content of a Workshop addon by default: Doc's Half-Life 2 Driveable Vehicles. With this we are able to bring the vehicle count to about 26 now.

Inventory per vehicle was not able to be added into this update with how much work we spent on building and testing this, that feature is planned for Part 2 and will be started on shortly after this update.

Build-A-Car System:

The system is pretty in depth but strait forward. On the map there is a chance that Car Hulls will spawn, these are typically the destroyed vehicle bodies seen in the Q menu. At this moment there are only two that will spawn on the map at any given time. (10% chance every time the resource spawner runs). These "Hulls" will spawn with a condition between 15-75%.

Players will need a toolbox in order to use the hulls.
Scavengers and Engineers have a chance at recovering parts from these hulls, all other classes only get resources.
Scavenger have a better base chance at getting resources.
Engineers have a better base chance at getting parts.
Part recovery is affected by the Salvaging skill.
Resource recovery is affected by the Scavenging skill.
Engineers can recover the hull for use in building.
Hulls have to be 25% or greater to recover parts from and 50% or greater to have the hull recovered.
Scavenging a hull removed its ability to be recovered.
Every time a part is recovered it reduces the hull by 25%, 10% for failed attempts, and reduced when resources are recovered.
To build a specific vehicle you will need to find the hull for it.
Once the Hull is recovered a Engineer can use the hull to see what it can be made into and what resources are needed.
The needed resources can be either in the player's inventory or laying by the hull.
Another player can build the hull for you as long as all the parts by the hull are the same owner as the hull. The player building the hull does not have to own it.
Each vehicle has different costs and different stats.

The /carseat command has also been updated to work with every vehicle other than the airboat.

Thats pretty much it, happy hunting.

Patch Notes:

Added new Build-A-Car system
By default PostNukeRP needs the mod (Doc's Half-Life 2 Driveable Vehicles)
Added Car Hulls (bodies)
Added Oil (part)
Added Car Tire (part)
Added Car Door (part)
Added Car Muffler (part)
Added Car Axle (part)
Changed Makeshift Engine's name to Old Car Engine
Changed Old Car Engine. No longer made, has to be found.
Fixed bug that allowed players to pick up other player's vehicles
Fixed bugs related to Vendor Display Items
Fixed carseats not being removed when vehicle was removed
Added new function PNRP.FindNearbyItems( ent ). Returns items 150 around ent that are in the itembase.
Added new function PNRP.UseNearbyParts( Tbl, ent, ply ). If parts listed are near ent it will use them. Tbl is ment to be return from ToolCheck
Added new function PNRP.GetFullInventorySimple( ply ). Returns invnetory from both systems for a player. Used for tool checks
Added new function PNRP.UsePlayerParts( Tbl, ply ). Similar to the old method of using parts, but will use needed items from persistent system. Tbl is ment to be return from ToolCheck

Edit: r144.1
Fixed error with vendors overwriting items
Reduced the weight of the knife
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