How to check maps for AI Nodes

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How to check maps for AI Nodes

Postby eldarstorm » Thu May 12, 2011 8:05 am

As mentioned before, for a map to be used in PostNukeRP it will have to have to be well nodded. Info Nodes (or AI Nodes) allow the NPC to know how to navigate the map. These nodes have to be placed wiithin a certin range of each other and must be line of site for them to be able to connect to each other.

Well Noded maps: GM_Atomic, GM_PostNuke, and PN_WastedWaters (basically all the maps on the current PNRP Map lineup)

A good example of a badly noded map: rp_cscdesert_v2-1

Its pretty easy to check for Info Nodes on a map.

This will need to be done in Single Player.
To view the info node paths on a map, use the command "ai_show_connect"
This will show you the paths from all the nodes on the map. You can also spawn NPC's on the map and watch how they behave; antlions for example will just sit there and look at you from a certain distance and not run at you.

There are some maps that are well noded, but have other factors that seem to break the gamemode. Aftermath is a good example, this map has two issues. The first is the fact that the map itself blocks you from spawning anything in the spawn room. The second is something to do with the elevator, sleeping in it will crash the server.

After that you can submit the map for us to add. We will then load it up on the Dev server and run a few more tests on it and then add the Spawn Grids to it.
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