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New section, New project (For the most part)

PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2012 8:15 pm
by eldarstorm
Ok, created this new section.
This is for S.A.T. Simple Admin Tool

As I mentioned before, Evolve is a dead project and will no longer work with Garrys Mod 13.
Assmod technically is dead, but seems to have been picked back up by someone. They are working on making it viable for Garrys Mod 13.

Basically we are maing this mod since we are tired of the other ones dieing out. For the most part this will not be a complicated Admin Mod.

Some of the first forseeable (Much Needed) features.

Simple rank system (Guest, Respected, Admin, Super Admin, Owner)
Map list/changer
Tool restriction

Other features such as Remove all decals and props will be added as well.

Menu Style is still in planning, but I have a few ideas. It will may be themed after the upcomming CPRP project. We will see.
Initial will probably be basic and clunky/crappy looking untill we get all the systems tied down.