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PNRP Map Requirements

Postby eldarstorm » Mon Nov 07, 2011 4:35 pm

Just a notes on Requirements for mapping for PNRP.

NPC Nodes:
Acually, there is one main basic requirement, the map needs to be NPC Noded. This is what keeps us from using most of the maps out there. Without the NPC Ai Nodes, the NPC's will just stand around and not do much of anything.

Maps should also be relatively lag free, as much as possible within the GMod world.

File Size:
I know its not always possible, but try to keep the map size down. Currently the server has the ability to let players download maps from the server at a max file size of 64MB. At this point it would be better to have a download link. If your map checks out and is a viable, I may host it on the main (Radioactive Cricket, PostNukeRP, etc...) site.

While not really necessary for the gamemode to be able to work with a map, I would suggest keeping it with the theme.
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