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Hey there people of TBU PNRP,

I spent a good month designing, and working on a map specifically for TBU's PNRP server. I call it PN_Isolation because it is set on an island, away from it all, which is why I requested that Rad storms be very rare on the map, and thanks to Crazy, they are. People complained that there were not enough places to go on the map, to which I would reply I made lots of empty spaces for people to build prop bases, but since all the nagging, I have been working on PN_Isolation_V2. Currently on my map, there is a hidden bunker door, which is just for looks. BUT, I have turned that door, into a real bunker! You open the door, and it takes you down a hallway to the main sector, which is for trading, and then you'd have to get by the secondary door to get to the lower levels of living spaces. Here's a preview: ... =224263229

If you guys are interested in seeing the changes the map has gone through in a month, here are some early screenshots: ... =216023642 ... =215537827

I am not going to rush the new release of my map, because that's how maps end up shitty.

If you would like to download my current map, it is at

Thanks for all your guy's input that I have received so far!

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