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Well my map, as you know it as bunker. Is finally finished... For the most part.
The map's released name is pn_lasthope. Why last hope? Well you as the survivor, and the others. Lasted the main destruction of the wars. The only ones to survive as you know it at that time.

Over a 50 years have passed since you were locked in that hell hole. The place is not what it used to be. The main reactor is leaking. The Reactor is on backup systems. Most of the old guard systems are down. Food rations are drying up.
If the reactor fails so does the life support. Fear drives you, and your fellow survivors to the old access tunnels. That were used in the creation of this bunker. Searching for any thing there, to keep you from going top side.
The only problem is that the top side found you. So how long can you, and the others hold out clinging to the old ways. How long before you will be forced out of your old home? Only time will tell.

These are the main parts of the map.

The Bunker: The main hub of the game. This is where the players start at. The area is on a back up power system. The reactor in the labs is failing, and in it's death throws. All the doors besides the main door has been unlocked for safety reasons.
So now the main part of the security that was keeping you safe, and things out are no longer there. Allowing you to go down in the old access tunnels.

Sewer treatment: This area is the main facility that keeps your water clean. This system still functions to this day, but since the reactor malfunction it's now running off a hydrogen generator in the lower levels.

Caves: These were cut out during the construction of the mine. There original purpose for them is lost many to. You can only guess what went on here so many years ago.

The backup Power system: Was found back 5 years ago when the reactor first blew a seal. Near the entrance to the old access to the bunker. Which now has collapsed. It burns hydrogen. Which is plentiful here, and is running, but it's a old system, and running on borrowed time. The light on the front of the generator. started blinking just a year ago. Can this thing be fixed. Good thing all it needs is clean water to run. Right??

The Dump: This area is huge! Used to be a old storage area for some supplies for the workers, but now is used for some squatters that have given up on the bunker. Just biding there time, till the system fails completely.
One thing though. Radioactive run off from the reactor is being dumped here! Whoops.

The Training grounds: This bunker used to be owned by a government at one time. This area is the proof of that. This place looks like some sort of underground training yard. Now some thing is coming through.... A hole?? IS THAT THE SURFACE?! Light??? Fresh air?? But these things are coming through. Maybe we are better off down here... This bunker may be our only, our last hope to survive this.

Thanks for the support on testing this map. To all the beta testers that helped thanks.
Map can be downloaded here
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