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Bug Posting Info

Postby eldarstorm » Thu Sep 09, 2010 11:56 pm

If you find any bugs that have not been reported, post them in this section.
If the bug has been reported and you have more info or would like to comment on it, post on the existing thread.
If the post has been locked, create a new one.

Report Format:

Subject: [Server][Bug] - Short description

Date/Time of the bug.
Any Errors.
Explination, screenshots, or info of the bug.

If the bug is on your own server, please check your server consol or log and post the error.

If you do not want to post bug reports here, you can post them on the PNRP Issue Tracker.

We do not accept bug reports through Steam Chat or posts on other sites or trackers.
If the bug is not reported on this site or on the PNRP Issue Tracker the bug will not get worked on.
These Forums and the Tracker are for the PNRP Community.

More info at http://postnukerp.com/wiki/index.php?ti ... Suggestion
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