[Bug/exploit][Postnukerp]Passive antlion guards

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[Bug/exploit][Postnukerp]Passive antlion guards

Postby Atomicprime » Tue Oct 20, 2015 6:20 pm

Time 10/20/15
So i was just messing around with pet headcrabs and using winch to make fast headcrabs into charriots when I tried doing that to an antlion guard. Turns out that if you attach a chair to a guard and get under them in the chair they wont attack or even try attacking anyone. This allows for anyone to just run up with fists and beat a guard to death without being attacked. Not sure how big of a problem this may be but it is pretty easy to do and makes guard harmless.
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Re: [Bug/exploit][Postnukerp]Passive antlion guards

Postby [TBU] CrazyKid » Sun Apr 17, 2016 3:31 pm


Evidently it needs to be said that using a winch on an NPC is not technically supposed to be allowed. So by saying you did this you probably right-clicked your chair to "auto-connect" the winch between the two points (your chair, point a -- and your pet, point b). Doing this in ANY gamemode will result in glitches from the NPC's. We are not in control of the vanilla GMod NPC's, so please refrain from using Winch on them, and this kind of stuff won't happen! Thank you.
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